Social Video Campaign for Top NI Tourist Destination

Crumlin Road Gaol Ltd

The Challenge

Crumlin Road Gaol Ltd. have defied the odds, transforming a former prison and symbol of the Northern Irish conflict into a site celebrated for its protection of heritage and history. Now one of the leading tourist attractions in the country, Crumlin Road Gaol hosts popular walking tours, conferences, corporate events and concerts from inside its fortified walls.

Whilst the company quickly became a household name in tourism, common challenges were to arise: presenting their tours and attractions through engaging video content presented continued difficulty for our client.

Successful ticket sales and well-attended tours showed that Crumlin Road Gaol was well on its way to achieving tourism stardom. However, without that crucial flagship video content, our clients felt that they weren’t reaching their true potential. It was quickly identified that a series of promotional and tour videos could boost the success of the site.

That’s where ProfileTree came in.

Our Approach

Enhance Ticket Sales and Online Interest

ProfileTree consulted with Crumlin Road Gaol to devise a series of photo and video shoots highlighting some of the key attractions in the former prison. Following this consultation between our client and our team of videographers and video editors, it was identified that a strong series of videos would greatly enhance both ticket sales and online interest in the attraction. These were to include shots across the prison, including flyover shots of Peace Walls, as well as footage recorded in both the former Loyalist and Republican wings. A short trailer version highlighting key aspects of the tour was also planned, along with footage of Cuffs Bar and Grill – the prison’s aptly-named restaurant.

Great video content isn’t just contained in what we can see. The ProfileTree video team offered fully-licensed professional audio to accompany these videos, capturing the dark yet alluring atmosphere contained inside the prison walls.

Accompanying Crumlin Road Gaol’s fresh flagship video content were a series of expertly-shot photographs, each capturing key attractions, sites and unforgettable moments in the tour.

Creating engaging media content can be a challenge for any modern business – especially within the bustling tourism sector. That’s why the team at ProfileTree can provide advanced videography and photography services that you can use to truly showcase your business.


Engaging content

Immersive, panoramic video content, enhancing ticket sales, tour attendance and online interaction.

High-resolution photographic content, capturing the character and appeal of the attraction.

Engaging, shareable content, usable across a range of platforms.

Tourism video marketing – what to consider? 

If you are promoting any aspect of tourism, whether its hotels, resorts or tourist attractions, video is the most effective way of showcasing your tourist destination. 

Think about it, guests want to see where they’re staying, tourists want to see what there is to do and visitors want to live the life that’s in the video. Tourism is experiential, so you need to promote content that creates a visually appealing experience. 

Not to mention, video is also the most widely consumed form of content on social media, and with over 80% of travel being booked online, it makes sense to start investing in tourism video.

What is tourism video marketing? 

Put simply, a tourism video is a piece of film that showcases a tourist destination. You are essentially selling an experience to the audience and highlighting the unique selling points of that specific tourist spot.

Tourism videos are designed to entice guests to visit there. They can cover everything from checking-in, getting-up for breakfast, having a swim or showing off tourist destinations such as museums and monuments. Specifically though, they highlight the unique selling point of that particular tourism destination. 

Tourist destination promotion

You can curate tourism videos in order to suit the target audience that you are trying to appeal to. In tourist destination promotion, there are usually three dominant groups of audiences that you are trying to target, including: 

  • Couples
  • Families
  • Business travellers 

Of course, you can add to this list, but depending on who you are trying to appeal to, this will influence the type of tourism video that you will want to create, e.g.) for couples, your are promoting romance, for families you are promoting family-fun activities and for business travellers, you are promoting comfort and ease. 

How to make a good tourism video?

With so much competition in tourism marketing, you really need to think about standing out from the perpetual wave of travelling content. Here are some tips for creating a good tourism video: 

Create a narrative with the tourism video marketing

Every great video starts with a story, so why not try to create a narrative throughout your tourism video. Many travel bloggers live and breathe this method in their content, the narrative is their life and it adds to the sense of authenticity in the travelling video. 

If you adopt this method in your tourism video marketing, audiences can then place themselves within the narrative and imagine themselves living the experience that you are showing. 

Highlight the unique selling point of the tourist destination 

Another major method for promoting a tourist destination, and to help you stand out amongst travelling content, is to highlight the unique selling point that your specific tourist destination has. 

Whether it’s the history, architecture, facilities or perhaps even a Michelin star in there, the tourism video should draw focus to that. Use your USP in order to encourage audiences to travel to your location, as opposed to any other options that they may be looking at. 

Try out different angles within your tourism video 

Ever hear the phrase, “the video doesn’t do it justice?” In your tourism video, you can avoid this phrase by incorporating lots of visually appealing angles that encompass the tourist destination in all of its glory and beauty. Some video angles to consider includes:

Drone angles 

Drone angles are particularly useful for showcasing stunning landscapes and scenic depictions of the natural surroundings or city skylines. 

Check out this video of the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland, it incorporates stunning drone footage of the coast:

360° angles

360° angles are great for capturing the size and scale of a tourist location and they work particularly well for showing off hotel rooms or other types of accommodation. Check out this article for more information on creating tourism videos with 360° angles

Check out this video that shows the impact of 360° angles within tourism videos.

Close up angles

Close up angles are great for capturing those mouthwatering shots of delicious meals and tasty treats, the audience can really appreciate the culinary delights and imagine themselves taking a bite! 

Close up angles are also great for highlighting particular features of tourist attractions, check out this video that uses close up angles for promoting specific exhibitions in a museum.

Don’t be afraid of trying out new and engaging angles within your tourism video. You are creating an experience for the audience and they will want to see it from every angle. With over 65% of travellers using video content to confirm their final booking, it makes sense to create engaging travel videos that incorporate a range of different angels.

How to produce and edit tourism videos 

It may seem daunting to produce and edit a tourism video although with emerging user-friendly technologies, it’s more accessible than ever to start creating your own. Social media platforms such as TikTok, have made editing software much more manageable for a novice to videography and you can capture footage using just your mobile device. 

However, in order to create high-quality videos that are capable of ranking on a range of different platforms, you need to invest some time, finances and effort into expert videography for tourism videos. 

How to make a tourism commercial 

Producing and editing a tourism commercial takes lots of planning and expertise and you most definitely need a professional videographer to help you. 

Expert videographers can produce and edit tourism videos that will showcase your tourist destination in the best possible way. They are able to create storylines, incorporate a variety of angles and capture footage using top of the range equipment. 

Investing in a professional videographer, will offer you a maximum return on investment for your tourism video, helping it rank higher and reach more audiences. Check out this article that explains the benefits of hiring a professional to produce and edit your tourism video or commercial. 

Tourism video ideas

Need some inspiration for creating tourism videos for your business? Check out these existing tourism videos that showcase the beauty and history of Northern Ireland. 

You can also check out our client case study where we created a marketing video for a local NI charity.

Marketing agency for tourism video marketing 

At ProfileTree, we are a marketing agency with a particular talent for tourism marketing. We have helped many local and national businesses showcase their tourist destinations and hotspots in visually creative and unique ways. 
As a digital marketing agency, we also aim to keep on top of emerging trends with the tourism industry. Check out this article on the emerging trends within hotel marketing and this  interview where we discuss tourism marketing in detail.

Tourism video marketing agency 

We offer a range of videography services that are tailored to your needs, budget and marketing goals. View our other video marketing projects for further projects. If you would like to hear more about ProfileTree and our tourism video services, you can do so by getting in touch with us here.